As an Allergan-only medical spa, we utilize the highest quality neurotoxins, dermal fillers and Kybella for the most effective results and outstanding outcomes.

Each injectable product aids in rejuvenating the skin, repairing dermal imperfections or deficits, and replacing volume loss due to the natural aging process. During your initial consultation, our Master Injector Lora Conley, PA-C will have a thorough discussion about your goals, concerns and wellness objectives, followed by a customized treatment plan developed just for you. Our injectable services are predominantly used to correct fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss in order to deliver a more youthful appearance.

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The most popular, FDA-approved injectable, BOTOX® Cosmetic softens the look of wrinkles and facial lines. Most commonly used on forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines and the horizontal lines between the eyebrows. Results last for three to six months.


An advanced technique that involves the injection of multiple microdroplets of neurotoxin into the dermis (not the muscle) which works to decrease sebaceous and sweat gland activity, improve the skin texture, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and give an overall “shrink wrap” effect the area treated. It is ideal for the face, neck, and décolleté.


An injectable for men used commonly to treat the forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines and sunken eyebrow areas. Over one million men have used BOTOX for subtle, natural-looking aging


An injectable used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds by correcting the parentheses lines around the nose and mouth, by adding volume to the skin and giving a smoother appearance. Results last up to one year.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus & Ultra

A gel injectable used to add fullness and plump lips. Ultra XC is also approved to smooth and correct moderate to severe parentheses lines, such as the nasolabial folds. Results last up to one year.


A gel injectable that instantly adds volume beneath the skin to lift and contour the cheeks. VOLUMA XC is recommended for age-related midface volume loss to provide a more youthful profile. Results last up to two years.


A gel injectable used to augment lip fullness and correct lipstick or smoker lines while smoothing the skin around the mouth. Results last up to one year.


A gel injectable used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles, volume loss and folds, like the “parentheses lines” around the nose and mouth. VOLLURE™ XC temporarily corrects facial wrinkles and gives a smoother appearance. Results last up to 18 months.


A gel injectable is for deep injection to improve moderate to severe loss of jawline definition. Helps to keep jawline firm and skin plump.  Results can last up to one year.

IV Hydration

Established patients are eligible for IV therapy as an adjunctive treatment option for many health conditions by quickly delivering a customized blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants intravenously. We offer Myer’s cocktail, uniquely formulated to rehydrate your body, boost your immune system and support your lifestyle.


Used to treat moderate to severe fat below the chin, KYBELLA (deoxycholic acid) contours and improves the appearance of the jawline through the absorption of dietary fat. The destruction of fat cells through the injection across two or three treatments performed six weeks apart eliminates the “double chin”.

PRP for Breast Lift

This non-surgical ‘Breast Lift’ procedure engages the platelet rich plasma to improve the appearance and volume of the breasts with excellent results. The PRP infiltrates the sinuses and promotes new collagen growth to give a more firm, voluminous look. The injectable treatment may also be used to minimize the appearance of scars, stretch marks or correct asymmetries.

PRP Hair Rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, offers a new, non-surgical and therapeutic option for patients looking to stimulate hair growth for hair loss conditions. PRP utilizes a patient’s own platelets, growth factors and bioactive proteins. The concentrated plasma is injected and clinically proven to regrow hair. Four treatments are recommended to boost stem cells and invigorate hair follicles with successful outcomes for both men and women battling hair loss.

Vampire Face Lift

This cosmetic procedures uses a patient’s blood to inject both plasma and hyaluronic acid filler to reveal less wrinkled, firmer skin with more elasticity. The effects of the procedure continue to improve over two to three months as new the body creates tissue. Results vary, usually lasting for one to two years.

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